SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB
SaYa Baby Carrier VTB

SaYa Baby Carrier VTB

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Versa Tekk Blend (VTB) is 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex like the material used in exercise garments.

When you carry your baby, you provide the greatest amount of comfort and security, of connection and love, of pleasure and contentment.

Saya keeps your baby close to you, your voice, your smell, your movement, your warmth, your heart. All your baby needs is you. SaYa Baby Carrier — Happy To Be In Proudly Pinoy Baby Carrier. A sling for every sanggol!

To help you determine your SaYa size and learn about babywearing safety, please visit our FAQ.

Double support for maximum comfort

SaYa is a wrap-type baby carrier that is made up of two pouches uniquely linked together to form one unit.


Best of All Worlds

Saya is a hybrid sling that merges the benefits of all the major carriers out in the market today. It provides:
  • The convenience and nursing discretion of a ring sling.
  • The ease of use and deep pockets of a pouch sling.
  • The comfort and dual shoulder support of a wrap or SPOC (simple piece of cloth).
  • The versatile style and wisdom of traditional Asian carriers.
  • The modern fabrics, construction, and durability of technical carriers.

The SaYa baby carrier is a wonderful entry point to the world of babywearing.

You can use it the second your baby is born until your child no longer shows interest in being carried. It is a culmination of years of practice, wisdom, experience, knowledge, and success.
  1. The SaYa sling carries your baby higher on your chest unlike other baby carriers. This is called the “kiss height” — you will just need to simply tilt your head forward to kiss the baby.
  2. It really feels secure when worn properly. It literally feels like a hug. The weight is distributed evenly on shoulders so you feel no strain at all.
  3. Pediatricians and expert caregivers say that its gentle, soft structure make it perfect for newborns, even preemies!
  4. It has no rings, buttons, snaps, sticky velcros or other attachment tools to work with.
  5. It folds, crumples, or squashes to almost nothing in your baby bag.
  6. Putting it on can actually be fun! Carrying the baby becomes a good exercise routine.
  7. The five main positions are super versatile and can be modified to your preference and needs.
  8. It doubles as a discreet nursing cover and allows you to breastfeed on demand.
  9. You can use it from newborn until toddler age without changing sizes.
  10. Your baby can see the world from your point of view and he can go places where bulky strollers can’t.

To help you determine your SaYa size and learn about babywearing safety, click the FAQ tab.

Watch the official video tutorials at the SaYa Youtube channel.

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