Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani
Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani
Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani
Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani
Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani

Bulilit Pocket Doll: Ani

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Hi! My name is Ani.

I'm in second grade and enjoy learning arithmetic, history, and science!

I live in a rice farm with my family. Since first grade, I've been observing every harvest season and asking my lolo about farming.

My favorite part of harvest is running along the pilapil, climbing the growing pile of palay sacks, and watching palay come out of the threshing machine.

I was also delighted to find out that in farming, I get to use what I learned in math (graphs!), science (plant life cycle), and even history (our prehistoric ancestors were skilled farmers and engineers!) plus a lot more. Cool, right?

Here's a fun fact: Planting flowers like sunflowers, daisies, cosmos, sesame, and okra on edges of rice fields attract bees, ladybugs, and spiders which eat tiny rice pests. They help farmers avoid pesticides. Wow!

Bulilit pocket dolls and accessories are handmade. A lot of love and care went into every stitch.

For use in gentle play. Recommended for children 6 years old and above.

Doll is approximately 5 inches tall, perfect size to bring along everywhere.

Care instruction

May be spot cleaned or dry cleaned. Wool felt should NOT be washed in water. 


Merino wool felt, cotton yarn, and cotton embroidery thread.

Set includes a doll with dress, salakot, log book, 2 sacks of palay/pillow plus blanket and bed.

Doll is based on Gingermelon's pattern.

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